International Insurance

In today’s competitive global environment, your operations may extend beyond the borders of the United States. Employees may travel abroad to attend trade shows, or you may have international subsidiaries. The coverage territory of your insurance policies typically excludes territories outside of the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

While many international countries require their own compulsory admitted local insurance coverage, additional Foreign Coverage – such as Property at your international offices, General Liability for suit brought against you from countries outside of the United States coverage territory, Excess Auto mobile Liability for cars rented in a foreign country, and Voluntary Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability for work related injuries to your domestic based employees traveling overseas, is available for your extra protection.

Through our partnership with Globex International, we can tailor client programs to meet specific regional or local needs nearly anywhere in the world. Our clients deal directly with us, the local Global Partner. In turn, we work with other Globex offices around the world to serve our clients’ needs. It’s a simple way for clients to manage an often complex insurance portfolio without losing personalized, local service.

The Globex Difference goes beyond having worldwide representation or dots in countries across the globe. It means having the knowledge, experience, and access to international insurance professionals



  • Access to experts wherever you do business, all coordinated through your local Acrisure agent.
  • 300+ agents and brokers in more than 130 countries
  • In-depth country profiles available to assist you in understanding insurance requirements, typical employee benefits, and the economic and political environment

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