Claims Management

At Crissie Insurance Group we work to help you reduce your risk and prevent claims. but when arises, our dedicated, in-house Claims Management team are you advocate and liaison by guiding you through the sometimes-complex claims process, obtaining status reports, monitoring reserves and coordinating reviews. From start to finish, we work to resolve your claims quickly and efficiently.

Claims Management Services:

  • We foster communication with the claim adjusters and managers and assist if problems arise.
  • We work with the adjusters to ensure claims are paid correctly and they pay only the claims owed.
  • When claim disputes arise, we work with your adjuster or claims manager to find a resolution.
  • We assist and monitor your claims to ensure the carrier properly subrogates the claim, which helps reduces your premiums.
  • We monitor loss reserves and work to ensure reserves are adequate and not inflated.
  • We forecast experience modification (e-mod) factors prior to your renewal, which helps to ensure your premiums are accurate and not overstated.
  • Managers must have accurate loss information to understand their total cost of risk. We monitor and provide regular loss runs throughout the year. With these updates, you will know the status on open claims or on subrogation.
  • Until a workers’ compensation claim is closed, it still affects your experience-modification factor. We continue to review and monitor all open claims in prior policy terms still affecting your e-mod calculation.
  • The longer a claim is open, the more it normally costs to conclude. We monitor your open claims to ensure legitimate claims are promptly adjusted and paid.
  • We furnish customized claims kits to help reduce administrative time spent in loss handling. These kits ensure your employees and managers know what to do should a loss occur.
  • A critical component of personnel management is a proactive return-to-work program. We customize a return-to-work program that improves employee retention and lowers your experience-modification factor.
  • Sometimes insurance carriers incorrectly calculate your company’s experience-mods, which increases your premium. As your agent we will review your experience-mod for accuracy and help resolve any discrepancies.
  • Businesses must look to the future to ensure they have a roadmap to follow. The same is true of business losses. Loss trending analyzes your loss frequency (how often a particular type of loss occurs) and your loss severity (what that loss costs your organization). This allows you to focus on the loss drivers that cause claims and increase premiums. Our agents prepare trending analysis so that you can pinpoint loss exposures and reduce accidents and injuries.