Our Services

Crissie Insurance Group consultative teams are innovators in risk management and loss prevention, two areas vital to your business growth strategy. With decades of expertise, our agents develop a customized insurance strategy to fit your business. We offer coverage for all your business needs, from employee benefits and liability and property coverage to workers’ compensation insurance.

Because our agents specialize in the industries they serve, we can thoroughly evaluate your company to recommend carriers that often specialize in your business niche. We also design a carefully formulated loss prevention program that helps you reduce losses and lower your premiums.

While no business expects to have a loss, if you do, a correctly managed claims process is a critical element in your insurance program. Our claims intervention and oversight helps ensure your insurance carriers adjust your claims expeditiously and the coverage you purchased is provided promptly. We streamline the claims administration process so that you can focus on running your business.

While you concentrate on protecting your business, your personal assets may lack adequate protection. Crissie Insurance Group take a strategic approach to protecting your home and personal assets, an area where some commercial insurance agencies fall short.

For over thirty years, Crissie Insurance Group has met and exceeded our clients’ expectations. Shouldn’t you explore how we can help you by providing enhanced coverage and first-class risk management programs?

“We believe meeting your expectations is never enough.

With custom solutions backed by decades of expertise,

we exceed your expectations every day.”