Our Client-Broker Partnership

The coverages and services Crissie Insurance Group offer reinforce and complement each other. And as your strategic partner, our insurance specialists systematically target these superior products and services to your unique business strategy. Crissie provides you with the most innovative and economical solutions for every risk scenario, from protecting your business to safeguarding your family.

Client Assessment

  • Assess each client to determine your unique insurance needs.
  • Develop and refine client service expectations.
  • Identify corporate goals and stay informed of your company’s business opportunities, rapidly aligning required insurance coverages.
  • Review and suggest risk transfer processes to reduce your total cost of risk and lower your insurance premiums.
  • Conduct safety assessments to develop pre-employment strategies, safety audits and post-loss assistance.

Custom Program Design

  • Aid in selecting the finest carriers to represent you.
  • Develop various deductible/self-insurance options to control premium costs.

Program Implementation

  • Review and selection of potential providers
  • Analyze proposals submitted
  • Presentation of recommended plan

Program Management

  • Annual report and coverage review
  • Analysis of loss history
  • Perform location visits and/or site surveys
  • Verify accuracy of Workers’ Compensation experience modification factor
  • Verify accuracy of Workers’ Compensation classification codes
  • Monitor and evaluate audit accuracy.

Continuous Service

  • Provide updates on new coverages
  • Report on new and/or changes in state and federal regulations
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Annual review of all your insurance requirements