Condominium Insurance

Provides protection for the personal property and unintentional actions of the owner of a condominium unit. Condominium coverage is designed for the special conditions identified with condominium living. This form dovetails with insurance carried by a condominium association for the structure and the risks jointly shared by all of the unit-owners. Loss assessment coverage, reimbursing the insured for his or her share of an uninsured loss to collectively owned property, is a valuable coverage option.

Here are some of the considerations our agents will make before you select coverage.

  • Personal Property Coverage is available on a replacement-cost basis, which ensures your items will be replaced without considering the age of the item. Most homeowners coverage contains "sub-limits," for example, jewelry losses may be limited to $2,500. Our agents will discuss your special requirements to determine if you need additional scheduled coverage.
  • Permanent Upgrades to your condominium's interior like bookshelves, flooring, or cabinetry can significantly increase the value of your condo. These may not be covered by your association's master policy. Your Crissie agent can help you determine the type of additional coverage you may need to protect yourself in the event of a loss.
  • Personal Liability Coverage is an important consideration as litigation continues to increase. Shouldn't your assets be protected in the event of a loss? Your Crissie agent will recommend liability coverage tailored to your assets.


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